Roo's on DLive/Trovo

DLive/Trovo lovers, fans, and streamers - are you ready?

Mr. Roo is hopping around DLive/Trovo all month!

 Lure him to your stream for subs, bits, codes, and cash!

Go live on DLive/Trovo

Stream yourself playing any of your favorite Roobet games.

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Tweet a link to your stream at Roo using #Roobet and tag @Roobet so he can easily find you.

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Find Roo on DLive/Trovo for some balance

Add !RooTV to your title

Add 'RooTV' to your stream title so Roo can easily find you when searching DLive/Trovo

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RoobetLIVE Party

Join our DLive channel 
for your chance to win a piece of the 
$15000 prize pool!

Next Live Party: December 8th @ TBD

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